Two transistor (plus LM386) QRPp CW transceiver

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Two transistor (plus LM386) QRPp CW transceiver

Postby Eamon » Thu May 10, 2012 11:13 pm

This design is dirt simple. It could be done homebrew or with the PCB shown on the site. It would be a good introduction to SMT soldering. Or, if people don't want to do SMT, the same thing can be built through-hole.

This site shows a through hole version and contains some information on its use.

The basic design is called Pixie. It is crystal controlled, meaning just one frequency (a small adjustment is provided mostly to tune in the station you are in QSO with). Its output is between 250mW and 500mW. It can be made to go on 80m or 40m with minor changes.

- Eamon
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