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OpenQRP project

Postby Eamon » Mon Nov 07, 2011 8:17 pm

Here is a neat project for a completely open design, including microcontroller firmware, for a single-band double-conversion CW QRP transceiver.

Beta boards have been built and people are building them.

This is not SDR, but two microcontrollers are used. The first one. an ATMEGA168, drives a display (including a 100Hz resolution frequency readout), and the second one (a PSoC) seems to be involved in CW filtering or decoding (need to look into it a bit closer).

Here are the specifications:

OpenQRP 40 Meter Transceiver Specifications

• Single Band : 40 meters (other bands with component changes)
• Tuning range: 60KHz minimum via varactor diode
• Tuning Control 10K 10 turn potentiometer
• Receiver Incremental Tuning, Fine Tune Option
• Mode: CW only
• Receiver MSD: TBD uV
• Four crystal IF filter with 690 Hz center frequency
• IF Selectivity: 400 Hz
• 4 pole audio active bandpass filter
• Receive current: Active: 50 ma No signal: 30 ma
• Transmitter: Final Amplifier IRF510 MOSFET, 6-8 watts output at 13.5 volts
• Transmitter current: 1.100 A (40 M) at 8 watts.
• Spurs: TBD dBc maximum
• CPU: ATmega168 @ 16.384 MHz based on Arduino microcontroller platform
• Open source software, written entirely in ‘C’
• In-circuit programming (ICSP)
• 5 to 55 wpm internal iambic keyer, Iambic A and B, keyer emulation modes
• Six message memory slots
• Six Pushbutton inputs
• 16 character by 2 line LCD display
• Frequency readout 100Hz resolution
• Relative signal strength indicator
• Built in CW decoder
• Power supply voltage readout
• Front panel controls: Tune, RIT, and RF gain
• On board trimmers: AF gain trim, LCD Contrast trim, Tx Drive adjust
• Coax 50 ohm output, modular BNC jack
• 1/8” Jack inputs for Iambic Paddle and Audio output (stereo headphones)
• 2.5mm Power Supply jack
• PC Board Size: 4.5” wide X 5.0” deep
• Painted Aluminum Enclosure with silkscreened legends
• Power supply voltage: 9 volts minimum, 16 volts maximum.

- Eamon
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Re: OpenQRP project

Postby VE2EVN » Tue Nov 08, 2011 2:17 am

This looks like a great project, albeit ambitious. I would want to build it.
The uC can be swapped for a Mega328. It's the same as the 168, but with twice the memory.

Would need to source all those inductors and cores, but it would be well worth it.

Guess I'll have to get working on my Advanced ticket now. :)

Marc-Andre, VE2EVN
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