Antenna modelling

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Antenna modelling

Postby Eamon » Mon May 30, 2011 10:49 am

Dan (VA2KEY) suggested we could help people get started with antenna modelling. I am willing to show people what I know using 4NEC2.

4NEC2 is a bit hard to use but the price is right (free). There is also MMANA which uses the MiniNEC modelling core, but I think I prefer 4NEC2 since NEC models are more standard and seem to have more support overall with portability between different front-end packages, all of which rely on the NEC2 or NEC4 modelling engine.

I am posting this to see who is interested. I am also trying out a poll (to check this feature).

If anyone wants to try downloading 4NEC2 to try it out, I will be glad to reply to emails or replies to this subject, to help you out if you are having trouble getting started.

We could also set up an "antenna modelling clinic" if a few people are interested and want some hands-on help.

- Eamon
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