7 band portable antenna

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7 band portable antenna

Postby Eamon » Sat Jun 09, 2012 8:37 am

Have a look at this a neat project, documented by an approx. 1 hour step by step video by Bob Rice VE3HKY, complete with bill of materials in a few slides starting at 56:28. (I would like it very much if there were also a printed version of the instructions, but that being said, the video is very nicely done.)


It is a 7 band (40 through 10) horizontal dipole, which includes the vertical support. It uses loading coils with taps for each band above 40m, with telescopic antennas at the end for fine tuning (e.g. between CW and phone subbands). It's claimed that the total cost is about $35, but we would need to cost it out again to see what it comes to. The telescopic antennas he uses don't seem to be available from the same Ontario surplus store so we might need to adapt a bit.

It uses three main types of structural material: aluminum tubing, electrical conduit and fittings, and aforementioned telescopic antennas.

One neat technique he employs is using a die to cut guide threads on a section of conduit where he winds the coils, with an electric drill used to make short work of forcing the conduit through the die.

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